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Writing children's books and stories can be
a rewarding career or hobby, as books for
young readers are big sellers year-round.  

That's why Publishers are always happy to
hear from talented new writers who have what
it takes to
write stories.
If you would like to write and publish children's
books, either as a career or a hobby, we'll
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FREE Guide: How to Write and
Publishing Children's Books and stories
How to Write and Publish
Children's Books and Stories
Yours Free!
By Catherine Delaney
If you write stories
for young readers,
you can get your
children's stories
and books
published by
today's top children's book publishers,
and start turning your writing talent into
a part-time or full-time income ... and
earn writer's royalties for many years to

Writing children's books requires a
very special talent.  After all, you have to
be able to appeal to younger readers -
many of whom have big imaginations
and short attention spans. Your
vocabulary has to be in tune with the
age of your readers, and your sense of
imagination must always be in full

But if you can write books and stories
that will appeal to young readers, then
you can write and publish children's
books ... and
become a published
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