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..The Songwriter's Guide to Earning Royalties
Royalties are how songwriters and
lyric-writers earn money
from their
songs and lyrics.  Every time that a
published song is played on radio, TV,
internet or performed in public, a
royalty is
paid to the songwriter.

When a song is co-written by more
than one writer, the
are shared evenly among the

One common way a song is co-written
is when one person writes the music,
and another person
writes the lyrics.

Here are the four ways that a
song can
earn songwriting royalties:
1. Performance Royalties

This type of royalty is earned when a
song is played or performed in public,
such as on the radio, TV, or the
internet.  These also include when a song
is performed live, such as in a concert,
or any live performance.

2.  Mechanical Royalties.  These are
earned when a recorded version of a
song is sold in any form, such as CD, or
each time a song is downloaded.

3.  Printed Edition Royalties.  These
are earned when a printed version of a
song is sold, such as sheet music.

4. Foreign Royalties.  These are earned
when music publishers collect rights fees
for songs played overseas.
By Susan Anderson
Earn Songwriting Royalties from Each Song or Lyric You Write