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..Here are 5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Greeting Card Writer!
Follow These 5 Key Tips and Earn Money Writing Greeting Cards
Here are 5 "tips" to help you get
started as a greeting card writer:

1. When you
submit your greeting
card ideas to publishers
, never list all
of your greeting card ideas in one
paragraph or, if you submit your ideas
on paper, never list all of your greeting
card ideas on the same page.

Instead, type out each of your
greeting card ideas separately, so
that they can each be evaluated on its
own merit, and not as a group.  Even
in an e-mail, make sure to separate
each idea cleanly and clearly, so each
idea can be appreciated and evaluated
on its own.

2. If you want to present
your poetry
and ideas as actual greeting cards, fold
a piece of paper in half and use the
cover and inside to present your idea.
3. Always request the Writer's Guidelines
that most
Greeting Card Publishers
provides for
writers. This way you can
send the type of cards they need.

4. Don't bombard the Greeting Card
Publishers with dozens of card ideas at
a time. We suggest that new writers
submit between 3 to 5 greeting card ideas
the first time. If the
publishers like your
writing, they will request more.

5. Remember that the greeting card
business is just that: it's a business. Be
professional at all times, beginning with
how you submit your ideas.