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..Here's What All Poetry Publishers are Looking For
By Julia Vanderbilt
Publish Your Original Poems and Earn Writer's Royalties
Publishing your poetry is a lot easier
to do when you have a good idea as to
what the Poetry Publishers are looking

There are so many magazines and
poetry journals on the market today
that publish poetry, that it can be
challenging to know what each
individual poetry publisher is looking
for. But Poetry Publishers all share
one common need when it comes to
publishing poetry: they all want good,
original poetry that will fit in well with
what their readership enjoys. And of
course, the best way to see what each
magazine's readers like to read is to
look through a few past issues.

To make it easier for writers, most
magazines and poetry journals will tell
you exactly
what type of poetry they
Although most Poetry Publishers will
have their own unique poetry publishing
needs, here are 4 basic guidelines to help
publish your poetry:

1. Poems about real life and issues that
people can relate to are generally easier to
get published than deep, philosophical
poetry, unless you intend to submit it to
scholarly publications for consideration.

2. Poetry that deals with specific themes,
such as relationships, faith or love, will
naturally appeal to a large readership.
3. Short poems are generally easier to
publish than long poems, simply because
print publishers have limited space to
work with.  

4. Most importantly ... be original.  When
you submit your poems to Poetry
Publishers, make sure your poems are
original and unique in every way, if you
want to
get published.