..How to Get Advance Writer's Payments and Royalties
As a writer, it's important to know
how writers get paid, to ensure you
are paid properly for your writing
when you get published.

Book and magazine publishers have
different ways of paying writers, ans
as you submit your writing to more
and more editors, you'll probably see
many different ways that writers are
paid, so I wanted to go over the 3
basic ways that publishers pay

To start, it's always a wise idea to
discuss your writing fees and
payment terms with the publisher
when you first submit your writing.
Then you'll know how much each
publication pays writers for each of
the various types of writing they
might buy, such as articles, short
stories, interviews, poetry, humour
or filler.
Here are the 3 most common ways that
publishers pay writers:

1. Flat Fee or Lump-Sum Payment

Perhaps the most common way publishers
pay writers is a flat fee, in exchange for
the rights to publish the author's writing.

2. Author's Royalties

A royalty is a percentage of sales or
revenue that is specified by the publisher.
The rate varies, and some publishers
might pay royalties only after a minimum
number of copies have been sold.
3. Advance Payments

Some publishers pay writers and authors
an "advance" against future royalties. This
is a payment to the writer in advance of
sales and royalties, which is eventually
deducted from the
royalties earned by
and due to the writer.
By Julia Vanderbilt
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