..Publish Your Poetry & Earn Writer's Royalties!
By Julia Vanderbilt
If you write poetry, you
can turn your poems into
money by
your poetry
and earning
writer's royalties
years to come.
Finding a publisher for your poetry
isa lot easier today than it was just a
few years ago. Fortunately for
and writers
who want to publish their
poetry, there are several top poetry
journals that
publish poetry on a
monthly or quarterly basis, which has
opened the door for more writers and
poets to
get published - and to get
paid for their poetry

While some poetry publishers and
poetry journals
pay writers better than
others, almost all of today's top poetry
journals will accept and review poetry
from beginners and unpublished
writers, giving more writers the
opportunity to get their
, and possibly even earn
writer's royalties.
With so many poetry publishers to
choose from, the challenge for many

is to find the right publisher for the
type of poetry you write.

It's also important to know
which poetry
journals pay a writer's fee
or royalties,
and which publications don't.
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