This Month's 3 Top Poems
What Happened to Me?
By Gianna Santorelli
The World We Live In
By Raj Anjit Kumar
I Was Too Late
By Betty Masters
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Once my heart was filled with
But now it just beats on, it seems,
I fill my days with activities,
Whereas once I lead the life I

I challenged and I lead, with plans,
Explained to those who didn't
I brokered and I made dreams real,
But now I don't care how others

Did I stop stargazing at the moon?
Did I give up on my dreams way
too soon?
How does one find strength to be
To find the will to carry on?

I tried, I know, I tried my best,
Accomplished goals, passed your
But time takes care of dreams, you
Leaving me to wonder,
What happened to me?
Is it fair, they ask,
That some of us are treated this
Do they care, about our tasks?
As their chimes of freedom play?
Fairness is subjective, it changes
with time,
Different from place to place,
It means different things to some
people, Different from face to face.
How can we compare?
We're so different, I think ...
Different challenges, different
Some flourish, some are extinct.
But one great big world,
To hold us all,
Some stand up straight,
Some lean, and fall,
Some held up by those who hold
them tight,
Others walk alone through the
dark of night,
But in this world, we can't
compare ...
This world we live in ... so hard to
be fair.
I counted our blessings,
Since the day that we met,
The day I fell in love,
I can never forget,
You promised me everything,
and worked hard to give me more,
And I told you, my darling,
It was you I adored.
But my parents thought differently,
Said "take your time", "look
So many fish in the sea, they said,
and plenty I found.
So I experience life, and love, its
But time didn't let me forget about
And now that we've learned, and
I no longer need to ask the stars
Now I know, that I've always
It was you, since our very first date,
But I made you wait, oh, to hesitate,
You've found love elsewhere,
I was too late.