This Month's 3 Top Poems
How Does it Feel?
By Svetlana Aaronson
Paradise on Earth
By Maria Bonello
Mean Streets
By James Jackson
How does it feel?
To use me like a toy.
To play with my heart,
To mislead my joy.
Tell me, how does it feel?
To take something of mine
That I can never regain,
Never again find.
Does it feel good for you?
Are you proud of yourself?
It seems like you're thinking
About someone else.
I gave you my heart
and everything I had
You took what you wanted
Leaving me feeling so bad
You smiled when I asked you
If you're in this for real,
Sometimes I think
That you don't even feel.
If you did, you would know
What this feels like for me
But you just smile, then leave me,
Yes, I think now I see
You're here when you want to be
And you take what you like
I give to you so freely,
Without even a fight
So now, I ask you,
How does it feel?
Reminding my fear
There is nothing bad here,
And you, with your smile,
Captivates me
For a while
Until the sun sets
and the leaves fall
and I take in everything
To remember it all
So good, so pure,
Heaven on earth,
For sure,
Made better by you
Holding on to hand
Showing a passion,
To wait,
To understand
To remember this moment
So perfect, so free,
It won't come again,
Not for you,
Not for me
Just time standing still
and enriching our love
Making fun of the fears
I used to think of
Dancing proudly around
All this magic we've found
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There's nowhere to turn,
Nowhere to run
It's not safe out here
It used to be fine,
To run down these streets,
Peace was mine
But not anymore
Even the cops
They can't keep you safe
They tell you it's smarter
To just leave this place
But this is my home
It's where I belong
So I try to survive
I try to be strong
But these street aren't the same
The balance has turned
Since I was a kid,
To run away, I learned
And now it's a battle
One step away from defeat
Every day
Out on these mean streets