Poetry submissions are open to everyone 18 years old or older.

There is no submission fee, evaluation fee or review fee.

We are looking for poems that are original, topical, relevant, inspiring, thoughtful and enjoyable to read.

Poems can be about any subject, and in any style.

The maximum word limit for any poem submitted is 500 words and the minimum is 100 words.

All entries must be in the English language.

Only ONE (1) poem will be accepted per writer. All poems submitted after the first poem will be automatically discarded.

Any and all poems submitted must be 100% original in every way, and must not contain any words or language that
could be deemed vulgar or offensive in any way.  Otherwise, the poem will not be accepted and will be discarded.

We have the right to refuse acceptance and discard any poem for any reason.

Any and all of our decisions are final.

All poems submitted must be entirely the work of the entrant and must be 100% original.  Otherwise, the submission will not
be accepted.

Each writer is responsible for completing the submission process correctly and spelling each word correctly.  We will not
spell-check,  proof-read or change the wording or spelling or grammar of any poem submitted.

All rights and copyright for each poem submitted remain entirely with and of the author.

The person submitting the poem must be respectful of our Terms and Conditions, as well as to our staff, at all times.  We will
not tolerate rude or disrespectful behaviour in any way, or at any time, by any person submitting a poem or who has submitted
a poem, or who is corresponding with us or our staff in any way at any time.  We are the sole determinant of what acceptable
and respectful behaviour is, and we have the right to refuse to deal with any person who exhibits such behaviour.

We accept no liability or responsibility for any item submitted, including lost or not-received items and/or submissions.

No warranties, promises and/or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, are given in any way to any one, as to the
nature, standard, accuracy or otherwise of the information provided with regard to the poetry submissions, the poetry
submission process, the website or websites or web pages that this publication or this poetry submission appears in or on,
or any of the poetry publications that we produce or may produce, advertise or may advertise, or in any way relate to or
effect our poetry publication(s) or this poetry submission process. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever
nature (direct, indirect, consequential, or other) arising from any person submitting or trying to submit a poem.  

We cannot and do not take responsibility for the collection or use of personal data.

Any and all poems submitted nay be considered for inclusion in any poetry anthology or collection of poems that we may
offer, provide or otherwise produce, in any way, or any other use, without limitation.

Entry implies acceptance of all these Terms and Conditions.  All people submitting a poem are also required to check the
checkbox in our poetry submission form, confirming that they have read and fully-accept and completely agree to abide by
our Terms and Conditions.
Terms and Conditions
for Poetry Submissions