Many writers have asked me to
provide them with a set of standard
writer's guidelines for submitting
youre greeting card ideas, since there
are so many Greeting Card
Publishers to choose from.

It's always a good idea to follow the
standard writer's guidelines when
submitting greeting card ideas to
publishers for the first time.  

Basic guidelines may differ slightly
amongst all of the greeting card
publishers, but if you don't have time
to get each
publisher's writer's
, this is a good general
guide to follow.

Here is a quick summary of standard
writer's guidelines that you can
follow, that are recommend as a
starting point for writers and poets
who want to
get started writing
greeting cards
On the next page, you'll find everything
you need to earn money writing
greeting cards
, including the Directory of
Greeting Card Publishers
, step-by- step
directions on
submitting your card ideas,
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greeting card writer!
Follow these Writer's Guidelines and Earn Money Writing Greeting Cards
"Here are the Writer's Guidelines for the Greeting Card Market
By Julia Vanderbilt
Writer's Guidelines:  

1.  The 3 writing styles for greeting
cards that sell best are:
(a) Verse ... (b) Prose ... (c) Punchline

2.  Write what you're good at.  If you write
romantic poetry or lyrics, try writing
Valentines Day or Anniversary cards.

3.  Go into a retail store that sells a wide
variety of greeting cards, and look at the
cards similar to what you want to write.

4.  Select which greeting card publishers
you'd like to submit your first greeting card
ideas to ... and submit your card ideas!
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