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By Susan Anderson
Many of today's recording
don't write their
own songs, and rely on
writers like you to provide
them with new song
In fact, it's important for new writers
to remember just how much
recording artists rely on writers ...
after all, if there were no
songwriters and lyric-writers,
there would be no new songs.

Many of today's top recording
artists need to see a constant flow
of new hit song material, including
lyrics and poems, just to stay on
", says Dianne Welch, long-time
music-industry Manager.

And of course, no one can
predict where the next hit song
will come from.   
Who knows ...
maybe you just wrote it
" ...
Even today's biggest recording stars,
such as
Carrie Underwood and
Rihanna, regularly record songs and
lyrics written by other people.  Many of
their songs become "hits", earning
royalties for the song-and-lyric writers.
If you write songs, poems or lyrics, and
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